How many are left and where are they now?

At least 120 Emerson/Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicles and 12 Sandair/Chenowth Teleoperated vehicles where built between 1980 and 1984 so what happened to them?

On Display in Museums

Two are located in the Fort Lewis Museum in Washington State. The one located inside the museum is original and unrestored. It is in near perfect condition.






This one is located in front of the Cactus Airforce Wings and Wheels Museum

in Carson City Nevada.















Russell's Military Museum in Zion Illinois has two Army Emerson/Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicles and 5 Sandair/Chenowth Teleoperated Navy vehicles.






In 1986 the Army shipped 10 FAV's to Tel Aviv Israel to be used in the Golan-Globus movie The Delta Force starring Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Robert Vaughn, George Kennedy and many other famous actors. If you are a fan of the Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle you have to see this movie. The FAV is also the star of the movie. It is not known how many survived the movie or where they went after filming was complete. Congress had de-funded the FAV by then so they may have been left in Israel.


The Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation in Sioux City has this FAV on display.


The National Park Service (NPS) rebuilt this FAV in 1999. I could not find out where it is now.


This FAV is located in a Military Museum that is part of the Beachwood Canvas Works in Island Heights, New Jersey. They manufacture and sell canvas tops, seat cushions and cover for Military Jeeps and other vehicles. They might have original seat covers for our FAV's too!. Their website is


We know that six went to Portugal in 1989 and were in active service until 2011. They are now proudly on display at the School of Paratroopers Brigade of the Army Quick Reaction in Tancos Portugal. See the article here.








Fast Attack Vehicle With A Job

This FAV can be rented for use in the film industry. It is owned by Five Star Military Vehicle Rental in Los Angeles and can be seen on their website along with many other Military vehicles.




Privately Owned Fast Attack Vehicles

To find an authentic Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle in private ownership is rare. We know that many were shipped to England, South Korea, Israel and Kuwait and most were just left behind. Others were damaged during the years of rigorous testing at Fort Lewis and Fort Bliss. Some were just parked in fields at various military bases and turned to rust. The lucky few that survived the 30+ years since being built and managed to find their way into private hands are few and possibly less than 15.


This new FAV owner in Idaho got an excellent vehicle and an extra chassis. He also got several boxes of parts. One of the FAV's was purchased from the Army and used at the Nevada Nuclear Test site by the DOE. He saved both of these vehicles from being scraped and plans on completing the rolling car first and save the chassis for a future project.



This FAV was in the For Sale section of the website and has been purchased and delivered to it's new owner in NJ. Some of the parts will be copied by the new owner and used to complete his other FAV. 2 more vehicles saved!


Not sure where this one is now. Photo was taken at a Jackson MI airshow. This photo was sent by fellow FAV owner and good Friend Ethan. He has a real talent finding photos of FAV's hidden on the internet. This is a very cool TOW version. Thanks!


This FAV was modified and many of the Military mods were removed. When this photo was taken, the vehicle had a Subaru motor and was a great street buggy. Current owner wants to put it back to original so he is looking for the side pods, rear basket, dash and headlight covers. He is located in Arizona.


This FAV is located in Nevada and the current owner is well on his way to getting it restored. He recently got it running and gave it a test drive. Under the desert paint is the original Woodland Camo.

Also located in Nevada is this FAV that has been modified to carry the whole familiy and let them enjoy it too. This owner also owned the previous FAV but sold that one to his Friends. Now both are saved and the owners can have fun with them. This is a running FAV and I bet it is a blast to drive. Look in the background and see where it calls home! Beautiful.


Here is a real find. Not just one FAV for sale but a matching pair from the Arizona Sheriffs Department. I think I had a dream about finding these. Both were purchased by one lucky person. He restored one and sold the other.



This is the one that was sold and is a great example and a new find for a Friend in New Jersey. It is one of the best complete and running FAV's around. I can just imagine how much fun it would be to run this full-throttle in the deserts of Arizona and chase the bad guys! What a fitting use for this workhorse and a great documented history. It will soon be restored by it's new owner.



This is the one that was restored. A really fine example of a restored FAV. It is still in Arizona.




My FAV came from Ilinois and is now located in Central Florida. I purchased it in 2015 and have been rebuilding it. It is serial number 0090.



This is what mine looks like now. It now has a M2 50 Caliber, M60 and a M72 LAW.



A garage find and waiting in Ohio for someone to put it back together. It is serial number 0091 built right after mine.



The lucky owner of the FAV above also owns this one. It too is located in Ohio.


This one was at Russell's Museum last year but has since been sold. Trying to contact new owner for update.


This one spent some time being restored in Virginia. It is now located in Michigan.



For sale on Bring a Trailer last year. Hope to find the new owner.


The owner modified this one by adding a 3rd seat for the top gunner.


This one is owned by a auto shop in North Dakota.



Now this one is a little different. A lot of re-creation FAV's are out there. You take a real Chenowth chassis and make it look like a real FAV. This one started out as a real FAV and was converted to a high performance sandrail! It is California.


This FAV is located in Arizona and has a 3rd seat added like a Desert Patrol Vehicle. It looks like the modification was done well and perhaps what the FAV could have evolved into had funding for the project continued. Nice FAV.





This FAV is owned by an Italian who restores American Military Vehicles. He purchased it in California in 2008 and has been restoring it when time allows. He hopes to have it done soon. It is located in Turin Italy.



This one was listed on EBAY in 2014 and sold for $27,000. It's new home is somewhere in the florida Keys. Note the custom made side curtains for driving in the rain in Florida.


Found on in 2012, this one is fully restored including the VIC-1 Intercom and PRC-77 radio. Very nice restoration. I have not been able to located the new owner.




Listed on EBAY in 2015, thus was a no-sale at $20,000.




Now here is a different one. I bought this photo on ebay. It is a real FAV that has been modified a lot! The side baskets had custom made covers installed. The upper rollbar had side extensions added to prevent roll-overs, the roof was lifted, supports were added to the front shock towers and a TOW missile launcher was installed where the #2 seat used to be.