Here are a few documents I discovered about the FAV.




Operational Magazine Article about FAV

Experience of the the 9th ID and the FAV (really good info)

Mobility Report in Support of HTLD (FAV Test Results)

Protest of Chenowth winning the FAV contract.

Original Emerson/Chenowth Brochure

Teleoperated Robot Vehicle Video

Vehicle Concept for Robotic Missile Launcher

INFANTRY MAGAZINE 1984 (see page 5 about FAV)

ARMOR Magazine 1985 (see page 2 about FAV)

TAC News 2010 (Great story on FAV on page 1)

Army RD&A Magazine 1983

Many Thanks to fellow FAV owners Matt and Jim for supplying these original manuals. These are for the first series FAV.

Operators Manual for the Surrogate Fast Attack Vehicle

Parts and Repair Manual for the Surrogate Fast Attack Vehicle

Shop Maintenance and Repair Manual for the Surrogate Fast Attack Vehicle

Here is a great new manual donated by a fellow FAV owner, Harley. Make sure you read page 4, Maximum Foreseeable Loss. Don't drive your FAV off a high cliff and land on a big rock!

Student Handout Training Material for the Fast Attack Vehicle

Another doc from Harley. With over 200 pages, it is a wealth of information. The FAV section starts on page 76. This is the only document I have found that actually designates the FAV as XM1040 AND XM1041.

High Technology Test Bed